Morial and Lincoln

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Seems like ex-mayor Marc Morial has a problem with movie producer/director extraordinaire Steven Spielberg and his latest epic “Lincoln.”  Apparently, the ex-mayor feels Spielberg gives too much credit to Lincoln for abolishing slavery and not enough credit to black folks of the day.

From Mayor of the city of New Orleans to film critic.  What a fall the once mighty Morial has made.

A generation ago, Morial and Bill Jefferson were the most powerful politicians in our city.  Problem was, both administrations were insanely corrupt.  We know about “Dollar Bill” – ironically, a name Marc’s dad, Dutch, came up with for the ex-U S congressman – who is presently in jail for the next decades-plus. Marc avoided jail time and b-lined out of dodge.  And thank goodness for that.

As Urban League president, the ex-mayor stays in New York, far away for our fair city.  And that’s a blessing.

Morial’s administration was the most corrupt in New Orleans history.  Almost every department head either pleaded guilty, was indicted, or went to jail.  Morial has no influence over our city anymore.  For  a decade now, we’ve heard nothing from him.  And that’s a good thing.