Lowly Thieves Steal From Church On Christmas Eve

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What could possibly be lower than stealing from someone on Christmas Eve?  How about stealing from a church on Christmas eve.

That’s what happened at Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church in New Orleans East.

“We saw it at 4:00 Mass,” said parishioner Kenny Rauch, speaking of the church’s white E-Z-Go golf cart with Silly String stains on its seat.

But after the 7:00 mass, parishioners delivered a message to Father Michael Joseph Vihn Nguyen.

“‘Father, there’s two guys who stole your golf cart’,” Fr. Michael Joseph quoted the people who delivered the bad news.

Parishioners used the golf cart for fun.  It was also used to pull a small train during the church’s annual fall festival.  But it served a more important purpose for Fr. Michael Joseph who used the cart to get around the church’s expansive property with his bad leg.

According to Fr. Michael Joseph, New Orleans police told him there’s little chance of ever seeing the golf cart again.

“They don’t think we will find it,” he said.  Whoever took the cart did not take its charger, so there’s a chance it could be abandoned somewhere after it runs out of juice.

According to at least one parishioner, there is a chance the golf cart was already abandoned and picked up by a tow truck company.

At this point, there’s no word of any reward.  But since the golf cart belongs to a church, maybe the reward would come later.

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