Candlelight Vigil at City Hall For Victims of Gun Violence

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Two weeks removed from the Newtown shooting, local doctors are calling for stricter gun control laws.

At a vigil Thursday night honoring Sandy Hook victims , medical professionals pledge to bring change.

The vigil in front of City Hall was put on by the newly formed Doctors For Gun Control.

Dr. Pritesh Gandhi says the group organized two weeks ago after the Newtown massacre, “Gun violence and violence in general is a chronic issue that affects our community. It is honestly, public health issue number one for the city of New Orleans.”

Gandhi says DFGC aims  to provide a louder voice to promote evidence-based research and medical training to campaign for stricter gun laws, “The responsibility to our community doesn`t just end at the walls of our clinic and at the walls of our hospitals it ends in our schools and in our streets.”

Doctors For Gun Control say the vigil represents a new beginning for the way mental patients are treated.

They want to make gun changes from the home to hospitals, all the way up to congress. And with the brain power at this vigil, they`re hoping people take notice.

Gandhi says it’s going to take churches, schools, family, & government, combined with local health leaders to make an impact on the fight against gun violence.