Day After Christmas Shoppers Help Sales Goals

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Eve Shopping It was another day of marathon-style shopping at area malls; as holiday shoppers rushed to spend gift cards and return unwanted items.

Holiday shoppers were at it gain; back at the malls for another day-long shopping extravaganza.

This time, they were armed with Christmas cash, and gift cards.

“Yes we have a lot of gift cards, like forever 21, and Dillard’s; stuff like that.” “So we’re just spending our Christmas money,” Brittany Bruno said.

Other shoppers were returning and exchanging holiday gifts for something more suitable.

People like Angela Dunn.

“I’m returning boots that didn’t fit but I’m going to do some more shopping,” Dunn said. “I see all these sales going on so I’m excited to rack up on some more clothes.”

Retailers are hoping day after Christmas deals will give them a final boost to reach projected sales goals.

“Our season was great this year,” said Catie Brown of Storyville T-Shirts. “We were really busy; you can really tell people were out boosting the economy and buying again.” “It’s been great.”

But early projections suggest merchants’ revenue may fall short of last year’s totals.

The Power family finds that hard to believe.

They got Michael Kors watches for the entire family.

“Well based upon what my wife spent me think we’re probably doing very well if you take the average person,” shopper Gary Power said. “It’s hard to say.” “It seems like a lot of people are out shopping so I think that’s positive.”

Even with all the returns, experts predict the day after Christmas will be among the top five shopping days of the year; because shoppers usually return one thing, and walk away with much more.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Are you going to spend more money? Yeah I think we’ll end up spending a little here today because of the sales gong on after Christmas and that always entices you to maybe look around and buy something you don’t have yet,” Power replied.

Trotter asked, “What’s your budget? Don’t tell my husband; I don’t have one right now,”  Dunn replied.

Final numbers for the holiday shopping season won’t be clear until after New Year’s.

Meantime, deep discounts will likely continue over the next several weeks, as retailers move merchandise to make room for spring lines.