Bud Light Takes Over Entire New Orleans Hotel

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What happens when you combine beer, football and the sports guy from Anchorman!?  A crazy concept called the bud light hotel!  Bud Lights Tom Kraus says, “The week before Super Bowl, that’s when the transformation starts to happen.  3,000 man hours go in to converting the space here at the hotel as well as our events space across the street.”

Bud light, the official beer of the NFL, will completely take over the space with VIPs and special guests like anchorman actor David Koechner who says, “Bud Light hotel is, all I’ve heard is that’s the place to be!  That’s where we are now.  They’re gonna wrap this place in Bud Light.  You’re gonna have Bud Light sheets, pillows and you know what happens if you have that?  What?  Bud Light dreams.”

Koechner, who starts filming Anchorman II in March, is a sort-of ambassador for the beer.  He’ll join NFL stars and celebrities for a host of events leading up to the big game.  Although we probably won’t see the home team, there will be plenty of parties for the locals.  Keep an eye out for giveaways around town and on the Bud Light Facebook page.