Shoppers Take Cover During Mall Fight With Gun

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Mall GunIt was a close call for Christmas Eve shoppers at Lakeside Mall.

According to witnesses, a fight broke out, in front of “Champ’s Sportswear.”

One shopper said at least six men were involved in a fist fight, when one of the men pulled out a gun and accidentally dropped it on the marble floor.

Then when he reached for it, witnesses say someone kicked the gun away; sending it spinning across the floor and into a crowd of panicked shoppers.

Somehow the gun wound up in a garbage can.

One eyewitness describes the melee.

“All I know is I turned around a bunch of teenagers, they was just fighting with each other,” shopper Rosary McCaskill replied. “It was a big crowd.”

“One of the them took a gun, a handgun and put it in the garbage can and they commence to fighting; and after they stopped fighting I guess they knew security was coming because somebody kept saying call security, call security,” McCaskill described.

“And then he walked off.” “He had the tennis shoes in his hand. He went back to the garbage can, took the gun out the garbage can and walked off like it was nothing; and security was right behind him,” she said.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, ” They didn’t know it was him? They knew it was him because he had the gun in his hand, walking like that with the gun in his hand,” McCaskill replied. Trotter asked, “What was that like for you? Terrifying, I’m still shaking,” McCaskill replied.

Mall Security and Jefferson Parish Deputies were able to stop three men in the parking lot.

No word yet on their names, or charges against them.

No shots were fired, and no one was hurt.