Holiday Heartbreak: Sidewalk shooting kills man on Christmas Eve, D.A. on the scene

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bodyphoto (62)A young New Orleans man won’t be around for Christmas, because a daytime, sidewalk shooting in the 2300 block of Dumaine Street took his life.

New Orleans Police say they are searching for who killed the unidentified man.

The bullet-riddled body was found on a sidewalk after police responded to 911 calls.

Orleans Parish Coroner’s office spokesman, John Gagliano said Monday night the victim’s name was not being released because his family needed to first be notified.

Neighbors on the 6th Ward Street watched in shock and sadness over a Christmas Eve killing near where they live and celebrate the holidays.

“No words man, sad. Sends chills through my body right now, just thinking about it,” one man said.

New Orleans Police said the victim had a gun in his possession when he died, and that the shooting occurred just after 2:30PM.

Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro worked this Christmas Eve, stepping in to survey the murder scene for an assistant investigator who had the holiday off.

The killing isn’t thought to be tied to any current cases being worked by the Cannizzaro’s office.

As of Monday night, New Orleans Police say there were no motives or suspects.

For those in the 2300 block of Dumaine, where Christmas bells decorate porches, the gunshots were heard ringing out before firemen with hoses cleaned up the blood.

Spencer Harden, a chef donning a Santa hat, walked home from his Christmas Eve shift in the CBD and had to navigate around his normal route which was sectioned off by yellow crime tape.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Harden.

“I thought people had feelings around the holidays.”

Anyone with information on the matter is urged to call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.