Winter weather affects Christmas flights

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AIRPORTThe hustle is on for holiday travelers flying through Armstrong International Airport; and the commute has been challenging for some passengers.

It’s Christmas at Armstrong International Airport.

And as you might expect, the place is packed with passengers going home for the holidays. .

“I’m very excited! I just can’t wait to see my family,” passenger Aryan Caire said.

“Very excited to go home,” passenger Katherine Roath said. “Yes, we can’t wait.”

But they will have to wait.

Holiday travel comes with a price.

More passengers. More problems.

But all things considered, it hasn’t been bad.

“Everybody’s actually calm,” passenger Kelli Emerson said.  “I’m shocked I thought we’d have some yelling and screaming and the extras.”

But there is another layer to holiday travel this year.

Winter weather in the mid-west earlier, and now in the north east, has delayed flights; both arrivals and departures in New Orleans.

The Roath twins are traveling to Minneapolis.

“We’re lucky we’re flying today instead of earlier because then it would have been cancelled,”  Roath said.

The Caire’s are feeling the brunt of the winter storm too.

“We’re going up to Washington D.C. So we’ll take our 1 1/2-hour delay if we can get some snow for Christmas,” passenger Aurthur Caire said.

Reactions have been less than favorable for passengers in hardest hit areas, whose flights have been cancelled.

“I’m sure they’re frustrated,” Emerson said. “I’ve had cancelled flights before I’ve had delayed flights.”

That’s hardly ever pleasant.

And it’s especially difficult to deal with when you’re excited about spending the holidays back home. .

“We’re here, we’re going to settle in and hopefully get there tonight,” Aryuan Caire said.

“My advice would be just take a deep breath. You’ll eventually get there. Your trip may be short; but at least you’ll get there,” Emerson said.

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