New Orleans Parties for Apocalypse

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Don’t expect explosions, space aliens or really anything apocalyptic when the clock strikes midnight.  It’s the end of the Mayan long calendar…13 baktuns in the books…but Tulane University’s Marcello Canuto says it’s nothing more than the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.  He says, “They would have stopped and paused, much like we did with 2,000 we said oh wow.  And much like we will in 3,000 and 4,000 and even more so if we reach the year 9,999 and get to the year 10,000.  That’s going to be a big event.”

Many folks are celebrating that big event, including adjunct instructor David Chatelin.  “It’s certainly a good excuse to party and I think anybody would agree with that and I’ll be having a little 21/12 party of my own.  Sure!”  The biggest bash in New Orleans combines aliens, movies, actors and music!  The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is throwing a Cosmic Convergence Festival hosted by Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio Tsoukalos.  It’s a party intended to be so epic and so grand in scale, it’ll convince the gods to spare us!

Organizer Ryan Ballard says, “I’ve called in every favor from every Mardi Gras krewe across the city and we’ve basically brought in every single Mayan or space-themed prop that exists in the city of New Orleans.”  Combine that with 20 New Orleans bands and international headliners like Ghostland Observatory.  According to Ballard, “They have the best laser light show on planet earth, hands down.  They have a $10 million plus laser light show that they’re bringing in, installing in the Sugar Mill and their lasers are so powerful and so awesome, you can see them from space!”

If you’re not the partying type, maybe one last supper would be right up your alley.  Salu on Magazine Street is serving up some Mayan cuisine that’s sure to fit the bill.  Chef Richard Papier says, “Basically, we’re trying to do an homage to early Mayan cooking mixed in with a little influence of Mexican style that goes on right now.”  It’s a gourmet take on ancient eats…and a delicious way to celebrate!


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