Mandeville Police Target Underage Alcohol Sales

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Mandeville police announced two violations stemming from an undercover operation on Thursday of this week.

Police say they sent people under the age of 21 into 16 businesses to try to buy alcohol.  Police targeted convenience stores and bars.

Police say a worker at Daiquiri Trace on North Causeway Blvd and another worker at a CVS Pharmacy on Highway 190 sold alcohol to underage buyers.  Workers at the other 14 businesses carded the would-be buyers and refused the sale of alcohol.

Both workers cited face a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Mandeville police routinely use the operation as the holiday season begins to ramp up.  They say it’s the time of year when kids are out of high school and college students return home for their break between semesters.  Police hope the operation will ensure businesses make sure everyone who buys alcohol is at least 21-years-old.



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  • popseal

    For years thousands and thousands of people have been killed by drunk drivers, yet there is no ban on alcohol. All our emotions are currently being manipulated by nefarious political forces to make citizens defenseless in this gun thing. 50,000,000 inconviently conceived children aborted in the name of women's rights but the Second Amendment is under attack? The monumental hypocrisy of the forces now spinning the public is beyond my ability to perfectly describe. I can only conclude that an amoral reprobate society gets the government it deserves, it always does sooner or later.

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