Does an engagement ring need to have a diamond?

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You’ve heard the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” but are they really?

Each year, more couples looking to tie the knot are choosing less traditional engagement rings.  Instead of a diamond, they’re going for gems and styles that reflect their personal taste.

By the way, a diamond ring wasn’t always the go-to rock of choice. That trend started back in the 1940s when De Beers started their “diamonds are forever” ad campaign to boost sales.

Our Food for Thought question: Does an engagement ring need to have a diamond?


  • charles818

    It doesn't have to have a diamond, but it would be nice being the actual wedding band is usually just a gold band.

  • Brendan

    Other gemstones like emerald and sapphire are gaining increasing popularity among new couples. These are the true, meaningful age-old gems that'll never die.
    Diamonds on the other hand may be more connected with material modern life, greed and conflict than everlasting love!

  • liz

    I don't really care for diamonds, they look like glass. I like my birthstone (sapphire)better and I feel is a better reflection of myself. It is also my favorite color. In fact, i had a very beautiful sapphire engagement ring.

  • Rox - DRC Engagement

    Although it seems to be a popular favorite, I do not believe an engagement ring had to have a diamond on it. Personally, I would love a sapphire on my engagement ring hehe. Where my family is from (Guinea Bissau), blue is the colour of love.

  • 1791diamonds

    Obviously…. Without diamond engagement rings are not much likely as precious. It's very much attractive amongst women. I think Sapphire diamond and solitaire diamonds are most perfect for new couple.

  • FabienAupry

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  • cheap diamond ring

    In my opinion I can say that yes there is a lots of importance to have diamond in your an engagement ring indeed. Actually it is a lifetime gift from some one to his darling, so it will be published loves and affection forever like a symbol of their love. So obviously it should be expensive ring as your engagement ring. That's all……

  • check here

    Many of want our engagement ring to be very specila and beautiful. We mostly prefer valuable stones or materials to make the ring. This is because we want to preserve it as a very valuable gift for ever and ever.

  • Tension set rings

    True to say, I want diamond rings in my engagement because it gives me more pleasure. Besides this, I've already watched your video that is really outstanding. Thanks for good head up :lol:

  • Gold Panning

    I don't see why engagement rings must have a diamond. There are several other beautiful gem settings that cost less and are easier to acquire. I do think that gold is a requirement as far as the band however.

  • Engagement Rings

    Wedding bands are usually fairly plain so I think a sparkling engagement ring is fitting :) I guess it doesn't have to have a diamond, but I think tradition holds true for a good reason this time!

  • calvin kelton

    Jon is true..It is trend But i think diamonds are all time favorite for all women…

  • white hat SEO

    Wedding groups are usually fairly simply so I think a dazzling band is suitable :) I think it doesn't have to have a precious stone, but I think custom applies for reasonable this time

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