Last Minute Postal Shipping Options

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US-Postal-Service-Box If you still haven’t shipped your holiday packages, time is running out.

So you’ve survived the mad house at the mall; the heel-to-toe foot traffic, the pushy salesmen, and the long, long lines.

But if your holiday gifts have to shipped, your wait may not be over.

“It’s been pretty busy,” USPS Post Master Matthew McFall said.

Lines are growing longer at the post office too.

“A little overwhelmed at the line,” customer Maria Chester said. “I didn’t think it would be this bad until a little later.”

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter, “How long did it take you? Not too bad, probably about 20-minutes,” customer Michael Gahagan said.

The wait is long, because the shipping deadline for Christmas delivery is getting uncomfortably close for last minute shoppers.

“I think a lot of people are so busy these days they don’t have time to buy all their shopping early so a lot of people are doing it last minute and trying to get it out as quickly as possible,” Gahagan said.

The deadline for regular, or snail mail delivery has already passed; but there’s still time for Priority Shipping.

“Which is what I’m doing,” Chester said.

Maria Chester is sending Christmas treats to her oncology patients.

“Homemade pralines and pecan toffee,” Chester said.

The post office is still offering fixed rate boxes; if it fits it ships.

And if you ship Priority no later than Friday the two to three day delivery promise gets your gift there by Christmas Eve.

That’s according to Santa’s helper.

“She’s awesome,”  customer Millicent Rollo said.

If you’re still stuck in the mall Friday, with plans to ship your gifts Saturday you’re only option at the post office is Express Mail.

That will get it there Christmas Eve too.

“It’s a long line; they’re moving very fast but, I recommend getting here early if you’re going to do it,” Gahagan said.

If you plan to ship late Friday, the post master suggests Express Mail Service.