Governor Jindal Calls For Moment Of Silence

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Governor Bobby Jindal is calling for a statewide moment of silence on Friday, December 21, at 9:30 A.M. to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut.

Jindal’s office says the moment of silence was requested of all states by Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy.

Jindal’s office also says Malloy is requesting places of worship and government buildings that have the ability to ring bells 26 times during the moment of silence.

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  • popseal

    A recenty returned Marine "posted up" in front of a school in California standing guard. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Thousands of parents and grandparents with police or military background would gladly do the same thing, and armed with radios they'd be an excellent eary warning pair of eyes. I wonder how many candidates would be part of such a group at my kid's school? 35 would be a once a month duty with substitutes. 70 would provide two per day.

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