Woman With Large Christmas Sweater Collection Says They’re Fun, Not Tacky

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Not just one, or two, or even three.  Holly McCollum owns 30 festive Christmas sweaters.

“It’s the Holly days, that’s why I have to do this.  I’m not a shy person, so I don’t mind wearing bright colors and drawing attention to myself,”  she said.

McCollum’s been collecting these sweaters since she was a teenager.

“When I was in high school my Mom would give me a sweater.  A tradition she started and it grew from there.”

She is now at the point that she can wear a different sweater from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

“I love finding different colors, so it’s not just red or green or black,” she said.

She understands not everyone prefers holiday sweaters, but don’t call them the dreaded word “tacky” around her.

“I actually bristle when someone calls them tacky.  They are not tacky.  They are just fun.  If the yarn could talk,” McCollum said.

Her sweaters have even proven to be invincible.

“My sweaters survived Hurricane Katrina.  We went back to our house in Gentilly which flooded.  The sweaters were in the attic packed away.  I was able to salvage them,” she said.

The fact that McCollum enjoys her sweaters in undeniable.

“They make me feel festive.  They make the people I come into contact with feel festive too.”

Her friends even joke that she has enough sweaters to make trading cards with her wearing all her different ones.