Should teachers carry guns to help protect students?

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    • popseal

      I agree. Few people have the mind set to function under the kind of "adrenaline dump" stress that always occurs in a shooting situation. Without police or military type training it's a bad thing. Tunnel vision, audio exclusion, and slow motion time that come with 'adrenaline dump' make a shooting event a very unusual moment. Without a lot of preperation, all bets are off if something happens. A room or hall full of sceeming kids make it even worse. A guy with a radio in the parking lot can be a good early warning for faculty with police 'panic buttons' in the office and principle's desk..

  • liz

    No, i believe that their should be armed guards at school. Teachers deal with alot of stressful situations. In my own experience, I have seen teachers break down. Unless, the teacher is former military or police, I would not feel comfortable leaving my kids with an armed teacher. I prefer armed guards instead.

    • frankboone2013

      Yea paper cuts, cleaning chalk board erasers and smiley faces on papers are soooo stressful LOL Are yo serious? Teachers are as capable as the next person to deal with the stresses that might occur in a shooting situation.

      It is hyperbole and nonsense to state that only those with police and military training are capable of handling such stress. Proof is the incapability of many police in handling it as has been the case all across this nation, so it's gonna happen. But I'd rather a stressed out teacher be armed if a man man or woman comes into the school armed and with bad intentions.

      It goes without saying that anyone that chooses to go armed needs firearm training. But to insist that it be police or military training is almost laughable. With all due respect of course.

  • popseal

    I've done armed security in war zones for 17 months. The training, qualifications, etc. for armed security is not simple getting a CCW permit, to say nothing of the mind set the guard needs. There are parents and grand parents with police and military backgrounds that would likely volunteer to undergo the training and quals' required……….I would. Teachers need to be looking at the kids, not windows and doors and parking lots.

  • charles818

    I am totally against teachers having guns. Maybe some very well trained armed guards outside of the school buildings would deter these types of tragedies.

  • amran

    I think this process is not good because it is harmful for students.they can`t discuss for their lesson with teacher for that although it`s merely safety for students and teachers.
    thank you

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