Have you ever bought fast food on Christmas?

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captureChristmas usually means dinner with family and friends, but McDonalds wants you to enjoy dinner with them … while their minimum wage employees serve you!

Remember when Walmart caught flack for opening thanksgiving night? McDonalds says success on Thanksgiving actually prompted the idea of opening on December 25th.

Our Food for Thought question: Have you ever bought fast food on Christmas?



    I don't eat fast food at all. But I have eaten at restaurants on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Restaurants have been doing it for decades; Chinese restaurants in particular. There are plenty of people who don't celebrate holidays or have family to spend them with, and if they want to eat out – even at nasty McDonald's – that's fine. As far as the employees are concerned, I know plenty of people who don't celebrate holidays and are willing to work during Christmas as long as they can have time off for events that are important to them. As long as McDonald's has enough employees willing to work on Christmas, then why should we care?

  • liz

    Some of my friends and family don’t cook well or much during the holidays. It’s ok with me if my kids prefer a cheeseburger over overly dry turkey. Have you tried their holiday pies? I hit the drive through on New Years Eve.. forget the kiss! ;)

  • Donna

    No I don't I cook. I think the fast food places should be closed on Christmas and Thanksgiveng. Those are based on family and faith, Let them watch their children ope and play with his or hers toys

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