Belle Chase Student Jailed for Threatening to “Shoot Up” School, Torture Teacher

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Jourdan[1]Belle Chase High school senior Leonard Jourdan, 18, should be preparing for Christmas break, but instead he’s locked up on charges of terrorizing.

A third period classroom threat Monday remained the talk of Belle Chasse High School Tuesday evening as Elizabeth Alvarez, a classmate of Jourdan, said she heard him address their teacher and threaten to “shoot up the school.”

The announcement was made, Alvarez said, in front of a class of about 20 students and also came with threats of torture to the teacher.

“He was very serious about it”, said Alvarez.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office said they learned from witnesses the teacher was told that this coming Friday, she would be tied to a chair and her wrists would be slit, and the school shot up.

Jourdan was arrested Monday night shortly after the sheriff’s office was notified about the threat.

Sheriff Lonnie Greco said Tuesday,  Jourdan confessed under questioning, and that the teen chose Friday because he believed the world will end on December 21.

The student also told detectives he was joking, the sheriff said.

“These are serious times”, Greco said.

“Once you make that statement, you have caused an impact.”

Greco, who said there is a zero tolerance policy for any joking on such matters especially in the wake of Newtown Connecticut’s school massacre, added no other Belle Chasse students are thought to be a part of any plot, and that there is an extra police presence this week at all Plaquemines schools.

One extra deputy will be present the rest of this week at each Plaquemines school just as a precaution, according to sheriff’s office spokesman and Commander Eric Becnel.

Jordan remains jailed in Belle Chase, and his arrest isn’t the only piece of news involving school kids and violence in the New Orleans metro area this week.

In New Orleans Monday, a student was injured from shattered glass when a bullet flew into a school bus near Iberville and Claiborne.

New Orleans Police never caught the shooter.

Back in Belle Chasse, the sheriff’s office Tuesday night confirmed a tip given to WGNO News that Jourdan’s father is a former Plaquemines deputy.

When asked if the arrested Jourdan was believed to have had any weapons in his possession before his apprehension, Becnel said no.

The anxiety is still high at Belle Chasse High School.

WGNO News asked Elizabeth Alvarez if she thought her classmate was capable of carrying out his threat if he hadn’t been arrested. “Um, I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.”