Assault weapons are a tool most Americans can live without

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The 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms.  And I don’t think that will ever change, nor should it.  Pistols for personal protection and rifles for hunting.

If you are one of those extreme liberals that one day are hoping for a gun ban in the United States, keep hoping.   It’ll never happen.  Guns are as much a part of America as baseball.

But the assault rifle ban, you know, assault rifles, strictly designed to kill mass amounts of humans, seemed to make sense.   Why should regular, everyday, law abiding citizens be allowed to carry weapons designed for military or police?   Why should I be able to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle with clips that hold up to 30 rounds of ammunition when the only practical use of the weapon is to kill many people at once?

The extreme liberals  want to ban guns altogether.  While the extreme right want all types of weapons, even assault rifles, legal.   Obviously the answer lies somewhere in between.

The Connecticut school shooting has already change how the public views assault weapons and the laws should change accordingly.  It isn’t about taking away gun rights.   It’s about taking away unnecessary assault weapons.  A tool that Americans can live without.