Louisiana Parents React to Connecticut Shootings

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connecticut The Connecticut massacre has gripped the attention of Louisiana parents.

“I can’t even think about it without even crying as we wait to pick up our own kids you know I just feel terrible for those families and those kids,” parent Brooke D’Souza said.

Images of terror and fear from the Connecticut school shootings are now branded in the minds of many.

“Yes definitely you know you think about that; you think about what if it’s my daughter in that school,” parent Greg Zambrano said.

“You’re scared all the time,” parent Mary Williams said. “I get nervous all the time that something could happen.”

The tragedy happened around the time Louisiana students were settled into their day.

For parents in Metairie, the thought of a 26-people killed, and 20 of them children is too much to believe, far too hard to understand.

“Moments like this make you so worried about what’s out there in the world,” Zambrano said.

“It makes you so angry when someone obviously has their issues and you just wish they would just not solve it in such a public way,” D’Souza said.

Parents arrived early to pick up their kids from elementary school.

Many were emotional as they listened to details about the shootings broadcast on talk radio.

“My prayers go out to them and I feel awful for them and pray that they get through it,” Williams said.

Even though the tragedy happened hundreds of miles away, local parents couldn’t help but be anxious as they waited for a glimpse of their little ones.

They were finally relieved to know that they were okay.

“I won’t tell her what happened cause she’s too little she’s only four but I’ll definitely give her a big hug and be glad and thank god that she’s home and she’s safe,”  Zambrano said.

“I’m glad it’s the weekend and they don’t have to go to school tomorrow and we can keep them home,”  D’Souza said.


  • popseal

    Twenty years ago I learned of the drug related death of one of my son's childhood playmates. I sat motionless for a while and felt tears inside, just like yesterday when I heard of this crime. The worst pain I've seen people face is that of a parent suddenly losing a child. 42 years involved in nearly every part of Christian ministry has taught me that there is no real comfort other than crying out to God for grace to go on. Platitudes about 'time healing all things' just don't get it and are offered by them that know nothing of real suffering.

  • popseal

    The Dr. Phil "clip" is typical of pop culture's insta'fix for symptoms of the national nervous breakdown that's been going on for several years which will only get worse…… until America remembers her spiritual roots and the ethics that grew from those roots.

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