Vitt denies allegation that he wanted to retain bounty program

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joe-vitt-1-400×225Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt angrily denied that he wanted to keep a bounty program in place.

Vitt has denied that any such program existed. And, Thursday he answered an allegation made by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams said he wanted to do away with the program, but Vitt refused.

Williams’ testimony in a hearing conducted by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue was leaked to the media late Wednesday night. Tagliabue lifted the suspensions of current Saints Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith and former Saints Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove.

Said Vitt, “We knew the scuds were going to come, we knew there would be a leakage of information. It was like clockwork, like 60 minutes, we knew it was going to come out. And, its here. Its a shame. It’s a shame. Let me say in my testimony, I was never asked that question whether I wanted to keep a bounty program going. I was never asked that question. I was told that accusation was made and I volunteered at that time, in front of Commissioner Tagliabue that afternoon, to take a lie detector test to deny that allegation.”

Vitt was suspended the first 6 games of the season by current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his alleged role in the bounty program. Goodell said Wednesday that a Saints bounty program existed, “for three years.”

“I have already served my time. Mickey has already served his time,” said Vitt. ” And to be quite frank with you I don’t know what door to knock on, on Park avenue (NFL office) to get my reputation back.”