Tour The Butler Greenwood Plantation

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Old meets new at the Butler Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville. Since the house was built in 1795 it has never been sold, always been occupied, and is still in the same family. Now at the helm is writer Anne Butler who is constantly inspired by her surroundings.

“It’s never been emptied and refurnished so you get a real feel for the continuity of history here,” says Butler, “Generations here have contributed a unique thing from every generation so that in this house you don’t have something frozen in time. This is a living home, the Christmas decorations kind of show that. It’s not one particular period because houses didn’t get frozen in time.”

The Butler Greenwood home is a typical 1790’s early house. It is equipped with most complete formal Victorian, has typical a music room with an original French Grand Piano, and boasts a library that holds hundreds of early volumes.

Butler inherited the property from her grandmother 40 years ago and to help her pay the bills in the 1990’s she transformed the property into a bed and breakfast. Today eight cottages are available seven days a week.

“You more or less have to let an old place like this help support itself. It’s such a bottomless pit, but it’s wonderful to be able to share it with people who are interested in history and want to see how things really were.”

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