Customer Describes Metairie Bank Robbery

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A dramatic heist played out inside the Metairie Bank on Jefferson Highway involved masked men, and reports of a sawed-off gun.

Darian Trotter talked to a customer who made it out unharmed.

“I’m just stunned, we’re all shocked,” witness Sherika Harney said.

It was like something out of an action movie; only it wasn’t

“I’m not out to be killed,” bank customer Josephine Drageon said.

The real life drama started at the Metairie Bank on Jefferson Highway around 1:30 Thursday; but it ended in the 9th ward of New Orleans.

Jefferson Parish Deputies say two masked me entered the bank demanding money or else.

“Yeah he said this is a robbery,” Drageon said.

Witnesses say one man leaped over the counter and forcibly took money from the tellers.

Trotter asked, “What’d they say to you? Don’t move,” Drageon said.

The other man reportedly demanded money from every customer in the bank.

Josephine Drageon was trying to make a deposit.

“A very scary feeling when you see somebody with a sawed off shotgun right at you,” Drageon said. “Yeah you’re gonna panic.”

The bank robbers got away with cash; but it didn’t take long for the dye pack to explode.

“The story was there was money all over the ground and it had red dye all over it,” bank customer Lisa Wilson said.

“Word on the street is that there was a bunch of money in that drive through line; cops came through, picked up the money and took off,” fast food customer Marc Jerry said.

Officers took off because a witness followed the men driving a tan colored Ford Taurus with a handicapped plate.

Authorities traced that car to a home in the 26-hundred block of Tennessee Street.

It’s the same area where officers took down two men.

We saw one man seated in the back of a police cruiser; the other man was standing handcuffed outside.

“We call him Da-Da,” neighbor Kevin Smith said. “That’s definitely the wrong guy; I know that for sure that’s the wrong guy.”

Kevin Smith is convinced that his next door neighbor is innocent.

“I see him every day; he gets up early in the morning 3 o’clock in the morning going to work. He rides the garbage truck,” Smith explained.

“5’9″, 175 pounds,” Drageon described.

Drageon says she won’t soon forget whoever terrorized a teller and pulled off the heist with an alleged accomplice.

“He told the girl if she made a sudden move that he was going to kill her,” Drageon said.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is working with the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force in the ongoing investigation.

Late Thursday night authorities hadn’t released the name of the suspects.

No one was hurt during the robbery.

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