Local News Reporter Films Cameo With Hollywood Actors

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darian_stars_web  As the year comes to an end, city leaders are calculating the impact the film industry has had on the local economy.

Darian Trotter has details about the latest film; including a special guest appearance.

The drama outside of a Tulane bail bonds was all part of Hollywood making another stop in New Orleans.

This time the movie magic is about a film titled, “The Look Alike” featuring actors John Corbett, Justin long, Gillian Jacobs, and Gina Gershon.

“It’s a bit like a black comedy; it’s a bit like true romance, a bit like pulp fiction,” Film Director Richard Gray said.

Corbett plays an ex-college basketball star, who now runs a New Orleans night club.

But shady dealings on the side result in an accidental death that launches the search for a look alike.

We aren’t allowed to reveal much more, but just know the scenes are action packed all over the city.

The film was originally set in Los Angeles, but as with others; creators fell in love with Louisiana.

“So we changed everything. We build in the swamp, we built in the food the jazz, the French quarter and we’re so excited to do so,” Gray said.

The local film industry is excited too.

Last year $531 million dollars was pumped into the local economy.

Kim Barnard moved here from Texas.

“Came here to work on one film, fell in love with your city, never left; and luckily for me the film industry has maintained my lifestyle here,” First Assistant Director Kim Barnard said.

“This is him being brought to justice,” Gray said.

In one of the last scenes of the film the star-studded cast has to move over for TV’s Darian trotter.

Trotter asked, “Any words for the families of the victims?

At the last minute Trotter was asked to play a late-breaking news reporter as Corbett’s character had his day in court.

“And as you can see, over my shoulder the suspect is being wheeled into the courthouse,” Trotter said. “He is escorted by two New Orleans police officers. Inside the courthouse there’s anticipation and excitement; where there’s standing room only.”

Crews with ‘The Look Alike’ will be filming in New Orleans until the end of the month.

A target release date is set for late next year.