High-Speed Hysteria: Lakeview chase & crash kills 1, injures 4

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ax (60)A 23-year-old man is dead after a gruesome car crash in Lakeview spawned by an afternoon chase involving a speeding Saturn SUV and the Orleans Levee District Police.

New Orleans Police said Wednesday night that the fatality occurred at a hospital, and that the other four people inside the SUV are in good condition.

The 18-year-old female driver could soon be booked with vehicular homicide, according to NOPD Spokesman, Frank Robertson.

Three other victims, who also rode in the Saturn, are said to be in good condition, their hospitalization the endgame of an out-of-control, get-away-at-all cost pursuit that started at Leon C. Simon and Franklin Avenue and ended in Lakeview near the intersection of Robert E. Lee and Paris Road.

Orleans Levee District Police said the Saturn was spotted driving erratically on Leon C. Simon and Franklin and a traffic stop was attempted, but the driver then sped off.

Chief Bob Garner said a chase ensued, but became too dangerous, and the officer was ordered to stop pursuing.

As the officer began to turn away from the chase, Garner said the wreckage was spotted.

As the flaming Saturn flew across the Robert E. Lee median and onto the opposite side of the road, debris rained down onto a Jaguar which stopped at the light, according to witnesses.

The Jaguar’s driver was uninjured but appeared shaken, and male her passenger said he pulled one of the victims out of the mangled SUV.

Witnesses on scene said a man lost his leg during the crash as people flew out of the vehicle, but it is unknown if that victim was also the 23-year-old who died Wednesday night in the hospital.

The NOPD’s Robertson said the department won’t release the name of the driver unless and until she is arrested.

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