Healthy Holiday Gifts

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The holiday season is filled with temptations that can challenge even the strongest resolve, so this year, instead of giving even more sugary sweets and treats, Molly’s here to give us the Skinny on giving the gift of health.

For the aspiring cook:  healthy cookbook(s), along with a basket filled with specialty oils, vinegars, and/or fresh herbs, or ingredients to make one of the recipes.

For the workout buff or exercise newbie: Fill a gym bag with protein powder, protein bars, shaker cup, vitamins.  Make it really special with a gift certificate for a massage, or sessions with a personal trainer and/or registered dietitian.

For those watching their waistline & portion sizes:

Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups from Anthropologie. $38/set of 4 (1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, ½ cup, 1 cup)

Wine-Trax Measuring Wine Glass.  $28.50 for a set of two.

Good-for-you stocking stuffers:

Foodspiration nutrition- and wellness-themed T’s, note pads, and greeting cards.  $3.50 – $40

S’well bottles.  $35.  Available locally at Earth Savers

Kati Tea Brewing System. $15.  Available locally at Earth Savers

Dark chocolate (look for at least 70% cocoa for maximum health benefits)

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