Has the New York Post gone too far with its covers?

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The New York Post has once again made the headlines with their headlines.

Last week they used a picture of a man that was killed after being pushed off a subway platform as train was approaching.

Today’s cover is of another imminent death, after a 31-year-old law school student was shot and killed in broad daylight in Manhattan.

Our Food for Thought question: Has the New York Post gone too far with its covers?



  • matthew peters

    While I agree that the covers are tacky, I also believe that they demand attention. It’s both frightening and humanizing to see these people moments before death, which could “guilt” people to giving up killers.

    • CSCOTT

      That's a very optimistic viewpoint. But unfortunately studies show that the more people are exposed to these frightening images, the more desensitized they become and the less impact they have.

  • Melissa Sandrock

    They have absolutely gone too far. The families of these victims do not need to see such photos posted in this fashion. It is very sad how this publication thrives on posting photos such as these, and then adding the wording that they use. :(

  • Liz

    In this world of the internet, computers and smartphones have nearly killed the newspaper (in paper form). I don't blame the NYP for trying to grab the attention of it's readers. Hate to say it, don't agree with it,… but sex and violence does sell. Hopefully, the contents of the article is more profound and thought provoking and maybe helps someone…. hopefully.

    • CSCOTT

      You're right. I think that's why they're doing it. But I don't think they should have to resort to sensationalism. Otherwise, they might as well just be a tabloid.


    Stuff like this reminds me of "Faces of Death" movies. I just feel that it's just another form of violent entertainment. Repeatedly showing these images makes people more and more desensitized toward violence. I think it's inappropriate and lazy journalism.

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