Drive-By Shooters Target Wrong House

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Three men are behind bars accused in a retaliation, drive by shooting in Slidell Sunday Night.

Police say the trio targeted the wrong house.

“My heart was racing. I`m happy to be alive to this day. “ recalls Nathaniel Thompson who  says the surprise attack came out of nowhere.

“I was sitting right here. I heard a gun cock. All of a sudden.. Bluka bluka bluka and they shot seven times.”

“This was retaliation, says Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith, “They were mistaken.”

Smith says three men now in custody were going after whoever killed another man  earlier that night at Gloria’s Bayou Lounge a couple hours earlier.

The mistaken retaliation drive by shooting at the house was less than a mile away from Gloria’s.

Thompson says the shooters sprayed bullets into the house, windows and car, “This whole window was out.”

Home also at the time was another adult and a three year old child, “He was sitting with me,” says Thompson of his three year old cousin. “We were running to get inside.”

The suspect at the Gloria’s shooting is still at large.

Slidell police say the homicide is a joint investigation with St. Tammany’s Parish Sheriff’s Office in which they expect an arrest will be made shortly.