The Epic Failure Of New Orleans, The NOPD and Mayor Landrieu

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The Mike Church dictionary defines “Epic Fail” as “an unsuccessful attempt to successfully execute a task requested because of ones station in life”. Using this definition we can conclude that when it comes to the New Orleans Police Department and the Orleans Parish Prison, mayor Mitch Landrieu is an epic failure. That the mayor has actually asked for and now received 1 the guidance and help of the most famous institution of Epic Failures in world history -the U.S. Federal Government- tells you everything you need to know about the state of the City of New Orleans.

Do the Landrieu administration and Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman really believe that the same entity that perfected waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques” actually have the moral authority to improve the mental conditions at the prison?

Why would anyone think that the NOPD would benefit from financial and organizational advice gleaned from personnel who cannot distinguish between a Hubigs Fried Pie and a $40 bran muffin and if they could, would opt for the latter because it keeps their funding levels up!?

Fact: The City of New Orleans pre-dates the American Revolution and was a republic like entity since its inception.

Fact: The Police Department of New Orleans was created to protect the citizens of that Orleans Territory BY the City of New Orleans in 17962.

Fact: The Orleans Territory was admitted in the union in April of 1812 as a sovereign state3.

Fact: The NOPD & It’s prison therefore are the responsibility of the citizens of New Orleans.

Our final fun fact is this: citizens elect executives, like Mayor Landrieu, to manage essential, local services like police and prisons, this is why the city has borders. If Landrieu & Company cannot discharge that duty and must surrender essential services to the management of Leviathan then maybe the mayor should be appointed by Congress, a prospect that promises an even more expensive & corrupt Epic Failure.


(From NOPD website) The first mention of a New Orleans Police Department being formed was in 1796. In 2011, The New Orleans Police Department turned 215 years old.

On April 30, 1812, the United States admitted Louisiana as the 18th state into the Union.

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