Suspect Arrested In Algiers Home Invasion Robbery

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JAMESA bad situation for an Algiers family became worse when a family member walked in during a home invasion robbery.

“This is a shocking thing to me,” victim’s aunt Vivian Ellison said.

Vivian Ellison is struggling to accept that her nephew is gone.

Corey Bush was shot and killed Monday night.

It happened when three family members were being robbed at gunpoint inside a home located in the 6400 block of Brunswick Court.

“His niece told me she was on the floor with the gun side her head,” Ellison said.

That’s when Corey Bush came home from work, opened the door, and startled the three gunmen.

“No he didn’t know and if he didn’t come to the house when he did they probably would have killed all three that was in there,” Ellison said.

The 35-year old father of three was shot multiple times and died from his injuries.

Janet Casimier is a long-time neighbor and family friend.

“I been sick all night. Today I was devastated I couldn’t do anything,” Casimier said.

Police have identified 20-year Bobby James as one of three suspects.

He was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

“I thank god they caught him,” Ellison said.

“Just around the corner,” Casimier said.

“Good that one is in custody,” family friend Raynard Casimier said. “Usually that helps to bring in the others.”

Little consolation for family and friends now remembering their loved one, who unknowingly walked into a bad situation inside the home he worked so hard to maintain.

“He worked two jobs,” Ellison said. “When he got off work from one job he went to the other. He always was kind always was smiling. He was a sweet child.”

“I’ve watched him grow up,” Raynard Casimier said.

Raynard Casimier is a prominent Algiers Pastor.

He’s saddened by yet another tragic shooting; one this time that struck close to home.

“We’re praying that all of our young men would just stop the madness; taking one’s life,” Raynard Casimier said. “This is not a video game where somebody gets shot and they can get up and go for another round. We have to know how to value life.”

Homicide detectives are still working to identify the two other gunmen.

Bobby James has been charged with second degree murder.


  • My Dear Friend

    It hurts my heart to see a person the same day they leave this earth. Corey was such a sweet person and would help everyone and anyone. I will pray for the person's and their families that committed this crime. I just wish that everyone would stop the killing and just get along. Some people would say why pray for the person or person's that committed this crime? If you know God then this is what he would want us to do. It is not our place to judge a person because we are hurt it's God's Job. Yes we are angry and upset and we should be because they took away someone who we love dearly, but just think about Corey!!!! I did see my dear friend on Monday but did not know that this day would be the last time. He will be missed when I go into the store to purchase things but I will always see that smile tthat he kept on his face!!! I have cried and cried and cried!!!! He will always be remembered in a good and wonderful way!!!! He is resting now and is looking down on us smiling and saying keep up the good work and don't give up, I'm good!!!!!!

    R.I.P My Dear Dear Friend!!!!!! You will be greatly missed!!!!! I Love You Corey!!!!!

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