Survey: Nearly Half Of All Americans Will Travel During Holidays

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Nearly half of all Americans, 45%, plan to travel at some point during the holiday season.  That’s according to the travel website which surveyed more than 1,300 people.

According to the site, of the people surveyed, 63% plan to travel for Christmas, 31% for New Year’s and 4% for Hanukkah.

The total number of people planning to travel this holiday season is up 3% over last year.  But while driving is the most common way to go, the number of people who plan to travel by car is down to 48% this year from 52% last.  The number of survey respondents who plan to travel by air is up by the same margin to 46%.

Of the people who plan to fly, 51% percent booked their flights early while 5% are still waiting and hoping for prices to come down.

Also according to survey responses, the looming “fiscal cliff” is having little effect on people’s travel plans.  42% plan to spend more than last year while traveling, and 43% plan to spend the same.

49% plan to stay with relatives or friends while 42% will stay in hotels.  9% will stay in vacation rentals.

The top U.S. destinations according to the survey are New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

73% said they are already beginning to make travel plans for next year.

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