Saints Struggles Sacking Local Sales

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saintsFrom “Bountygate” to “the Big Vacate.”

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue ruled Tuesday suspensions against Saints Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith and former Saints Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita would be vacated.

The announcement follows months of suspensions, appeals and court dates.

One local entrepreneur says his business has suffered due to a season of disappointment brought on by the pay-for-hits controversy.

Mark Channing owns Markman Sports Cards in Metairie, and says his autographed Saints stuff isn’t selling for what it did a year ago.

“Are they a little colder than they were last year? Yes”, said Channing, pointing to signed and authenticated Drew Brees prints in his West Esplanade Avenue store.

“Because of losing, the interceptions–(Drew) Brees having some problems–and the Bountygate situation.”

“A (bad) season ruined, careers ruined and business ruined because of all those implications.”