Hunting To Fight Hunger

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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is suggesting that hunters who bag more than they can consume this season to make a food donation to feed hungry families around the state.

The LDWF specifically encourages extra deer or hog meat be given to the Hunters For The Hungry program.

“The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries recognizes that fostering such a program for donation and economic processing of surplus game meat advances objectives of the North American model of Conservation by helping maintain a strong base of hunters for game harvesting management and facilitating effective hunter compliance with existing regulation that prohibits the wasting of edible portions of game,” said LDWF Assistant Secretary for the Office of Wildlife Jimmy Anthony.

The Hunters For The Hungry program works with many game processors around the state who provide their services free of charge.  Hunters are asked only to field-dress their deer or hog in advance.  Also, hunters can elect to keep the backstrap and tenderloin and donate the rest.

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