Did Bountygate ruin the Saints’ season?

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  • Shelly Savoie

    No I do not think it ruinned the season. But I do feel like we could have had better coaching. Drew cant do it alone. Plus didnt we have a few new players? I believe that played a big part to do with it. No matter what we love our boys forever win or lose.

  • Connie

    I think it did ruin the season but so did Mr. Brees. Seems like his head was not in the game at all. It seemed like a different QB playing out there. hopefully he plays better next year with all the money he's making.

  • Brandi LB

    I think it was a big distraction to the team, but can not say it ruinned the season. They are just haveing a bad season this year. Lets hope they do better next year. We can not expect them to win every season. We just need to enjoy it whan they do.

  • Anita Garland

    Yes! This ridiculous accusation of Bounties has deflated everyone’s normally untouchable spirits to an extent. This was first. How long was Drew Brees in contract talks? Benson buys the Hornets instead of keeping Brees’ contract to the forefront. The entire Who DAT Nation had to sweat that out along with Brees. I can’t believe ANYONE has to question how this affected Brees! He had a magnificent, record breaking season last year and he got what for it??? He was put all the way to the back of Benson’s priorities!! Shame on YOU, Mr. Benson!!!!’

  • Kelly Brandon

    I agree with this statement. I think the Saints have not been the same since they took Sean Peyton away for a year.

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