Drinking Vinegar At Vom Foss

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Walk in to Vom Fass on Magazine Street Uptown and your senses may be overwhelmed. It’s not often you find someone with a pallet tuned to taste vinegars or oils from around the world.

“We ask a lot of questions so that we’re getting people to zero in on what they would like, and then we start letting them taste and at first they’re kind of skeptical,” explains Denise Dussom.

Like wine the vinegars are aged to perfection. Some are sealed for up to 12 years. The outcome?  One you can drizzle on your greens, but offers so much more.

“I have some vinegars that are terrific on grilled shrimp, some oils that are unbelievable on ice cream. I have some vinegars that are great believe it or not in mixed drinks, and I have some vinegars that even taste like an aperitif they are that smooth.”

The products are measured, bottled and sold on site. Some can set you back a couple hundred bucks, but you can fill as little or as much a you’d like.