Mark McCabe Returns Home After a South Sudan Nightmare

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A tearful reunion as a Slidell man released from prison in Africa is now back home safe in the arms of his family.

When the moment finally arrived Mark McCabe’s wife broke airport rules going beyond security to embrace her husband.

The husband, father and uncle was in South Sudan on business, but was arrested in October on kidnapping allegations.

After a month locked up, all charges were dropped and McCabe was set free.

Are we sure we`re not in Africa?” McCabe said while family surrounded him.I didn`t think this day would ever come.”

McCabe says ‘why’ South Sudan targeted him for kidnapping is still unclear, “I don`t know. I had 40 days in prison to think about that and I still haven`t figured it out. It was rough. It was tough. I went to four different prisons. I met a lot of bad people. It was not a good thing.”

U.S Senator David Vitter fought for McCabe’s release,I don`t know Mr. Vitter but I’m going to shake his hand whenever I meet him.”

The Slidell family man appeared in good health after losing weight and suffering a heart attack in prison.

McCabe says he`s grateful for his wife relentlessly campaigning for his support, Kept my belief. I knew my wife was fighting for me.”

He says the first food he wants to eat is a shrimp po’boy.

If cases involving Americans are mishandled again, Senator Vitter says he’ll call into question supporting South Sudan as the United States provides them with $242 million dollars a year in humanitarian aid.