When has a prank gone too far?

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captureBy now you’ve probably heard about the nurse from Kate Middleton’s hospital who committed suicide.

Jacinta Saldanha was not the nurse that talked about Middleton’s condition to the prank callers, but she was the one that patched the phone call through.

A few days later Saldanha was discovered dead and it’s believed to be a suicide.

Many people are blaming the Australian radio hosts (pictured, at left) who orchestrated the prank.

Our food for thought question: when has a prank gone too far?


  • jackie twodat

    when it has been done for ratings and not even considered the repercussions of the final result. Pranks are not suppose to hurt someone. Pranks are just not a good thing.

  • liz

    I heard a portion of the call made on B97. I don't believe this was a prank gone too far. I believe that the hospital should have been more prepared and trained to handle any kind of bogus call or visit from paparazzi or curious citizens… especially when it comes to Royal Family. All phone lines and access to them should have been properly secured and screened for privacy and safety. This could have easily been a threat instead of a prank.

  • Magan

    I understand that this was wrong to pull this prank, but shouldnt there have been better security for the "duchess"??

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