Porch Thief Caught On Tape

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He’s driving a BMW, but his victim says the man apparently couldn’t afford what was stolen from his Metairie home.

“The battery was right there; right against the brick wall,” theft victim John Malinski said.

Malinski has made the list of theft victims this holiday season.

Someone dropped by his home Wednesday morning.

“And he just parked right there,” Malinski said.

Someone was up to no good; someone who was caught on security video.

“Casually walking up the driveway,” Malinski said.

Malinski says the unknown man, parked in front of his house, walked up and walked off with the new battery he’d just bought for his wife’s car.

“As soon as it hit me what happened it was a very strong sense of rage, upset, anger; a mix of emotions,” Malinkski said.

“That’s awful,” neighbor Liz Knoth said.

Liz Knoth and her little ones live across the street on Morton; where the suspect casually drove up, and parked his  BMW.

“Makes you wonder where he got the BMW,” Knoth said.

“It’s almost like that was his battery,” Malinski said.

Security camera video shows him calmly place the battery in his trunk and pull off; seemingly without a care in the world.

“Especially somebody to do that in broad daylight, it’s pretty scary,” Knoth said.

“These thieves now, especially the way he acted, seems like nothing scares them,” Malinski said.

New Orleans Police are investigating a case of packages disappearing from porches.

In several instances, boxes were stolen soon after they were delivered.

“This isn’t a very expensive camera system,” Malinski said.

Malinski says burglar alarms help protect inside.

He recommends a high-tech security camera to help police solve crimes that happen outside.

“To have someone come that close to your house on your property,” Malinski said. “I’m hoping he’s caught and then this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Malinski has given Jefferson Parish investigators a copy of his security camera footage.

If you recognize the man caught on tape call Crimestoppers.