Accused Thief: Stolen Snakes Were Christmas Gifts

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Slidell police say a man who broke into a pet store hoped to give the snakes he stole to his son as a Christmas gift.

Police say Donald Laigast, Jr broke into the Delta Pets in the 1300 block of Corporate Square and stole a cash register, a $600 Ball Python, and two Boa snakes.

Police say they checked other businesses in the area and found some showed signs that someone tried to also pry open their doors.  During the search, police found a vacant building with a makeshift bed, the three missing snakes, and a jail ID card with Laigast’s name on it.

They say Laigast had recently been released from jail on other burglary charges.  After his arrest, they say he confessed to the pet store theft and told them about his Christmas gift plan.