Thieves Target Holiday Packages

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PACKAGES If your holiday package hasn’t arrived, and it’s well beyond the delivery date police say there’s a chance it’s been stolen.

It’s that time of year when delivery workers are put through their paces; and police say thieves are stealing packages from unsuspecting customers.

“I’d be really mad if that had happened to me,” Uptown neighbor Kyla Bernberg said.

“Because it takes a lot of effort to go contact the merchant, contact the shipper and try to track that merchandise down and all the while you’re being charged for that merchandise,” UPS customer Susan Brown said.

Police say packages are disappearing from porches all over town.

A rash of thefts has happened most recently in the 21-hundred block of Jefferson Avenue in Uptown.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” a previous victim said.

It’s happened to this unidentified neighbor several times.

“Probably three or four because after the first couple times I learned and had it sent to my work.” WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Frustrating? Yes,” she replied.

We found packages left outside another neighbor’s front door.

He claimed them before someone else did.

“I wouldn’t be that happy because I find that I order some nice things you know,”  Bjarne Haug said.

Investigators say in several cases thieves were suspected of following behind delivery workers; picking up what they dropped off.

“It just makes me wonder how people sleep at night, you know when they’re stealing gifts,”  Brown said.

Police urge holiday shoppers to take steps to protect their packages; like using an alternate shipping address.

Brown prefers to send her on-line purchases to a mail box, like the ones offered at UPS Stores.

Because it’s secure, you can come here and pick it up and you know that it will be here,”  Brown explained.

Investigators are on the lookout for a white four-door sedan seen trailing UPS trucks in Uptown.