Should the Kansas City Chiefs Have Played Sunday?

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  • Laura Wood

    It was probably therapeutic for them to play. They were able to get rid of some stress and be together at the same time…..Laura wood

  • connie Mitchell

    I think the game should have went on because if he didn’t respect his teammates and coaches not to commit suicide in front of them,why should they. respect him by cancelling the game.

  • Boldanbeautiful

    The Kansas City Chiefs suffered a great loss but had a job to do. I think playing their scheduled game was much needed and it was probably their best performance under the circumstances in which the club endured. My heart goes out to the NFL league and the families involved. A job well done by the Chiefs

  • Patrick

    Sure. Lots of people die every day. The NFL is all about money. Let's not pretend we really care about the players….

  • Jim Brock

    I think playing the game was probably needed. To talk about gun control during half time was not proper. People should understand that gun control only works for those that are honest. The gun
    doesn't kill anyone, the person holding the gun kills. Saying that if he didn't own a gun that the girlfriend would still be alive is crazy.

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