Charges dropped against Slidell man held in south Sudan prison

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Slidell businessman Mark McCabe is waiting to come home  from Africa- where he was taken prisoner, but McCabe’s family says they  won`t feel fully relieved until they see him.

“December 6th. That’s what they said. December 6th.  I’m holding it to them,” says Mccabe’s wife Anne who says Senator David Vitter called this  this morning with news that all charges against her husband in South Sudan are dropped. “My husband is free technically but not free to leave the country.”

There’s finally something to smile about after McCabe was in the South Sudan jail for more than a month and a half,  allegedly detained in darkness, beaten by security guards trying to extort a $100,000 dollars for his release.

“It’s kind of crazy to be charged with something you’ve never done, “says Anne.

She says the focus once McCabe gets home, is get him healthy and back to a normal weight. “He lost like 30 pounds. I’m not sure if your aware but he had a mild heart attack while he was there.”

“When he does get off the plane he’s not going to look like the same person that we put on the plane,” says Mccabe’s mother in law Peggy Bennett.

Since her husband’s been held hostage,  Anne ‘s been struggling to financially  keep the family’s head above water, “They abducted my husband and they also took away our income. Mortgage companies don’t care if you can’t pay a bill.”

She urges people to keep praying until McCabe’s plane lands safely back  in New Orleans, “He’s not safe being in that country at all.”

Since McCabe’s been held in South Sudan he’s missed birthdays, Thanksgiving and his 25th wedding anniversary.

Information on how to contribute financial donations to help the McCabe family can be found on facebook.!/SudanFreeMarkMcCabe?fref=ts