Saints bus gets egged at Atlanta airport [Photos]

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In the statement below, Atlanta Airport officials confirm the New Orleans Saints’ charter bus was egged last night.

“It has been confirmed that eggs were thrown at a New Orleans Saints’ charter bus as they departed the ramp last night.  Airline workers were in the ramp area.  Airport and airline officials are investigating the incident, and further information will be forthcoming.   Meanwhile, Atlanta Police will  augment the airline security presence during the team’s departure.”

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  • misty darr

    You know I think you said it right "how classy", I think that was very childish, How can adults act that way?I think this is outrages and is no better than the Alabama ans LSU situation with the boy sleeping we all know what happened there, they were arrested, I think whoever did this should also be arrested.. "rivalry" thats going to far…

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