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Do you think Atlanta’s airport workers took the Falcons-Saints rivalry too far?

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eggsWho dat with egg on their bus? The New Orleans Saints apparently!

The Saints players say airport workers pelted their bus with eggs after they touched down in Atlanta Wednesday night.

Tight end Jimmy Graham, linebacker Will Herring and quarterback Chase Daniel tweeted about the incident.

The 5-6 Saints face the first place Falcons at the Georgia Dome Thursday night.

It’s a long time rivalry that is anything but sunny side up.

Our Food for Thought question: Do you think Atlanta’s airport workers took the Falcons-Saints rivalry too far?


  • Aleta

    Yes I think egging the Saints bus was just silly and childish. At the last Saints/Falcon game I was seated next to an Atlanta fan. When they had the lead he wanted to dance with me. At the end of the game he wouldn't answer me when I told him good-bye. Who Dat!!

  • Amanda Leboeuf

    That is absolutely absurd. I do believe football is a part of our heritage. It is a shame that airport workers of all people who do something that childish and disrespectful. After all, the Saints aren't going to be the ones to clean the buses. You aren't hurting the Saints by throwing eggs at their bus. Yes, it is disrespectful, but to do something like that is just an all-time low. I think that the airport should have video of this happening. If they are able to place who was responsible, they should be fined or be forced to clean the mess.

  • Kathy Brandon

    Yes, the workers took a football rivalry too far. Their actions were not merely disrespectful, but juvenile, and there should be some job-related consequences, as this occurred while they were working. Doesn't make one feel very safe about flying, knowing that the airline employees are so childish and petty.

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