Would you rather use dollar coins or dollar bills?

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Remember those dollar coins from a few years ago? The government accountability office wants to make those happen again.

In a hearing before a House committee, they’re going to try to convince Congress why coins make more sense. They say that even though dollar bills are cheaper to produce, they only last for about five years.

But much to their chagrin, most Americans, the vending machine industry, and even the Federal Reserve staunchly opposed the switch to coins.

Our food for Thought question: Would you rather use dollar coins or dollar bills?

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  • Kathy Brandon

    The dollar coins are useless and inconvenient. They were too close to the size of quarters and easily confused with them. Vending machine are not set up to accept the $1 coins, so they are pretty much useless for all the things one needs coins for.

    • Stephen Kosciesaa

      I also hear that the buttons on Walk/Don't Walk signals never work. They do, and I suspect that the people who say they don't never try them.
      Similarly, I suspect that all the people who say that dollar coins don't work in vending machines never try it. I buy dollar coins by the roll from the bank, and I use them in vending machines all the time.

  • anon

    i love dollar coins. i use them whenever i get them and feel good about it! they DO work in vending machines and store take them without issue. Store will give them in change if you ask (and they have it) but are scared to offer it…

    we should convert to coins… just stop replacing dollars… as they wear out and let the coin take its place

  • Stephen Kosciesza

    I keep hearing that vending machines don't take the dollar coins. I've heard it said, without correction, by people interviewed on Network news programs.
    I use them in vending machines all the time.
    I still run into people who find them a novelty. I don't think they've had a fair chance.

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