Should Women be Allowed to Serve in All Military Combat Positions?

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  • Beth Allen

    As much as I don't want to see anyone man or women go to war, it's a choice. Women in the military have volunteered to serve their country and should have all the opportunities afforded their male counterparts.

    I served in the Marine Corps 1973-1976. While on active duty I was limited to what Career fields were open to women. I wanted to go on Embassy Duty, but it wasn't opened to women. I believe women in the military should be able to perform any duty they are suited for or able to do equally as their male counterpart. They should be trained and evaluated equally.

    Beth Allen
    USMC 1973-1976

  • popseal

    It's a matter of upper body strength. If she can drag my 200 lb. wounded butt to safety and has enough left to go hand to hand with some religiously crazed dune clown, I suppose I can live with that. There is one scary strong gal at my gym and I wonder if she has the cajones to fulfill the above. Women do have a geater capacity than men to handle cold temps…something to do with "body insulation" but don't tell a woman you know about the R19 insulation factor. "Oh, does the body armor and gun make me look fat?"

  • Premo Stallone

    I think any woman that can hold their own, abd wants to defrnd Anerica should be able to serve in any way possible, but with that said, every man i know wouldn’t be the “ideal” soldier. They both need to be put to the test before fighting for our country.

  • Julie D. Williams

    There are probably some men who can't carry their fellow soldier, so it's should not be a gender issue but a fitness issue. Women can do whatever.

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