Bill Jefferson is exactly where he belongs

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Its kinda nice to know I wont have to waste any more time here discussing convicted felon Bill Jefferson.  The ex-congressman has exhausted all appeals through none other than the U.S. Supreme Court, and will stay in federal jail until August of 2023 and that’s a very good thing for all citizens of greater New Orleans.

Bill Jefferson is a cancer of the worst kind.  A terminal growth that will kill you if you’re not careful. For nearly 40 years of public life, Bill Jefferson’s legacy is that he stole from the very people he was supposed to represent.  And usually it was very poor, disenfranchised black folks of New Orleans, the ones that truly needed his help the most.

Jefferson and his family of crooks systematically pillaged the public coffers for personal gain and they did this for decades.  The Harvard educated lawyer used his brains and power to become a thief of the people’s money.  And now he’s spending his days in a federal pen in Beaumont, Texas.

Don’t feel sorry for Bill Jefferson, because I can promise you he never felt sorry for you, ever.  He was supposed to help all of us not himself and his family. He was supposed to sacrifice for us not profit from us.

Bill Jefferson is exactly where he belongs and the Supreme Court was wise to not grant him a retrial.  It’s called justice.