New Orleans Saints versus The San Francisco 49ers The Rematch 11/25/12

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It certainly was a turbulent time, that being the four quarters I put myself through during the game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs last year.  Reason being, I’ve been a rabid 49ers fan my entire life and I also happen to love my New Orleans Saints.  Yes it happens, rare but it happens.  West coast born, I worshipped Candlestick, Ronnie Lott (before and after he lost his finger in a tackle), “the catch” (lump Dwight Clark, T.O. and even Vernon Davis all together) and Steve Young, my second favorite athlete of all time.  FYI… John McEnroe floats to the top.  I too played state tennis as well as football in high school and left handed like my two idols.  I digress.

I love the New Orleans Saints, the way they play, their scrappy nature and an offense that frankly “lights it up” on any given Sunday.  Excuse me.  Not any.  Every.   Who knew when I met my wife from Louisiana years ago that Black And Gold would be such a big part.  Who knew watching Danny Weurfell’s helmet getting twisted 180 degrees would take on a different meaning?  I also happen to be a Gator which is a totally different blog post all together.   Nothing like thousands of WhoDats on Baronne and Girod 4 hours before kickoff or meeting one randomly in random cities.  It’s a beautiful lifestyle.

So here we are again on a collision course just days from the anticipated rematch between the Saints and the Niners this Sunday November 25th.  The best of both my worlds going at it one more time.  Perfect for me if I was still into fantasy football.  Horrible if I have to put myself through this again for another four quarters.

Is there such as thing as Who Niners?  I can only wish.

Please check out the behind the scenes package we shot last year at The Dome.  Our very own Anne Cutler (who is also from the West Coast) along with a WGNO crew gets exclusive behind the scenes access on what it takes to make game days at the Dome the one of a kind experience it truly is.

So what do you think about this Sunday’s game?  Who’s going to win?  Will you be in turmoil like me?  Comment below or let me know your thoughts via Twitter.

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