A Retired Zuppardo Goes Back To Work For The Holidays

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For days a retired grocery store owner has been clocking back in. Roy Zuppardo is cooking at his old stomping grounds over the holidays. Vanessa Bolano has the story.

It’s one of the busiest times of the year at Zuppardo’s, but while the frenzy heats up in the aisles a retired Zuppardo goes back to work.

“Today we’re going to be making a little oyster dressing,” says Roy Zuppardo.

Roy Zuppardo has handed the business over to the next generation, but during the holidays you can find him in the back kitchen. He cooks the dressings Zuppardo’s sells so you can relax and enjoy the holiday.

“I make the oyster dressing, the mirlitons with ham, the mirlitons with ham and shrimp, and the corn bread dressing,” says Zuppardo, “I think it’s very important that you have time to enjoy your family and one of the things that I feel I bring to the table besides great tasting dressings is the fact that you can sit down and enjoy. You don’t have to spend hours preparing your oyster dressing. You can still have that traditional New Orleans dressing without having to spend six or eight hours doing it.”