The CCC tolls vote passed by only 16 votes? A recount should be mandatory

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If there ever was an election that deserves or requires a recount, the resolution to extend the tolls on the Crescent City Connection is it.  Over 308,000 people voted on the measure yet the margin of victory was only 16 votes.

In some states if the margin of victory is that close, a recount is mandatory.  Even toll renewal proponent Mitch Landrieu is for a recount.

When the electronic vote was counted – that’s people that actually went to the polls to vote – the measure failed to pass.  It was only after the “hand counted votes” or the ones that can be manipulated, that the measure passed.

When politicians spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in radio and TV ads to help get the measure passed, one has to be a little wary of the results.

For or against isn’t the issue anymore.  Let the chips fall where they may.  But make sure the actual vote is counted, or in this case, recounted properly.

When 16 votes is the margin of victory when over 308,000 were cast, a recount should be mandatory by law in any election.