Michelle Obama look-alike gets mistaken for First Lady everywhere she goes

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She walks like the First Lady of the United States and talks like the First Lady. Everywhere 51-year old, Jacqui Rankins goes she is mistaken for First Lady, Michelle Obama.

“I think our eyes, forehead, and our height are similar,” she said.

Jacqui’s friends came along with her to Armstrong International Airport to make people wonder even more if who they spotted could be the real First Lady.

The stares and snapshots never stop.  Some even approach her and ask for pictures.  For some folks it took time to realize they actually were not standing next to Ms. Obama.

Person after person asked, “Are you Michelle?”

Sometimes Jacqui joked with them and says that’s she’s Michelle’s younger sister.

When they find out the truth, many are still capitavated by the similarites in mannerisms and looks and they still want a picture taken with her.

“No one calls me Beyonce or Janet Jackson or Mary J. Blige.  Always Michelle,”  she said.

Still, it’s more than just a fun fame game for her.  She feels looking like Ms. Obama comes with responsibility.

“I’m very concerned. Everyone must vote,” Rankins said.

Her brain is filled with First Lady facts.   When asked where Michelle Obama was born and the names of the Obama children, she confidently answered them correctly.

Just because Rankins plays the famous First Lady role so well—don’t think she doesn’t have a life of her won.   She works as a Human Resources Director for Strategic Restaurants, a Burger King franchise.  She’s a divorced mother of four kids, and she lives in Kenner.

Since the last election her life has completely changed.  Looking like Michelle Obma to her is a a gift, and she’ll take.

“I’ve accepted it.  It’s fun. If I can make even the smallest difference in someone’s life then I’m happy.  I think it’s a great compliment to look like her. She’s beautiful.” she said.

Rankins said she hopes one day to meet the Obama family.  She thinks it would be fun if her and Ms. Obama could play a mistaken-identity prank on President Barack Obama.

“I’m sure we’d play a prank on him and I think he’d fall for it for a split second,” she said.

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